My name is Quince Fennell, but most address me as Q. I am married to my beautiful wife Sarah and have two wonderful fur-babies,  Istahsa and Nyarlathotep  I am currently looking for new employment in the technical field. I have major interest the the forth coming virtual reality technology,

Programming Languages

Language Experiance Years(Aprox)
C# Started in 2011, used heavily until graduation in 2014. Used in Unity projects after that. 5
C++ Started using first year of school 2008, till 2010. After that used it to teach an introduction class to C++. 3
AS3 Used to build websites and projects in high school. Used for a school game project Blink 3
HTML5 Learned base HTML in high school, built games with Construct 2 game engine. Worked in website developent. 5
Python Been going through CodeAcademy. < 1
Lua While working with Linux, edited and bulid scripts in Lua. 1
Visual Basic I know more of this then I want to... Used this when working with Excel and Access. Wrote the game Snake in it once, but also lots of work related documents. 3
Unreal Script I have been training in ue4 daily and I am loving it.  < 1
SQL While working at Osage Casinos I began learning SQL for maintaining and searching the databases. Planned training on Lynda.com  1

I made the Games!

I enjoy creating games.
In this section I will talk about the games that I have made and give links to them.

I am a hard worker and ready to show you what I can do!

Please feel free to contact me.